Friday, October 29, 2010

Quarter Bowling Night

Cheap bowling is like the Bat Signal for nerds. I mean this nicely, because it would be impossible to deny that I do not also share in the same excitement that overcomes these people every week. While not quite on the "We're going to dress up like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia because we've never been laid" level of excitement, I would classify myself under the "Holy crap pitchers of PBR are $6" category. In case you were wondering, yes, lane 29 decided to share with us their Star Wars theme and questionable virginities.

Nothing like a cult-sport to bring out the superstition in people. A man in the lane next to me was the spitting image of Silent Bob. Now, I'm not one to judge (that's a lie), however he literally had to kiss his ball every single time he rolled. And as the night progressed (yes, you can assume my level of intoxication was rising), it became more and more difficult not to laugh every time he kissed the little pink finger holes in his black ball. After a while, I was staring at him so intently you would have thought I had made a drinking game out of it. The 'kisses' became a blurred line between actually making lip contact with the ball crawling in bacteria and just sort of spitting a little right on his hands. While describing the experience right now is making me gag, actually seeing it happen in front of me was all I could do not to laugh in a grown mans face. Superstition or OCD, I'm not sure what it was but I am sure he caught a cold.

All this being said, I cannot wait for next Wednesday night. Not so much for the mingling, but for the laughing at other people part.

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  1. Maggie, I'm not sure I really ever knew what a talented humorist you are. David Sedaris can eat your farts!