Monday, October 25, 2010

The Art of a Successful Hostel in a Country Where Foreigners Come to Drink

One of the dirtiest tricks of a hostel is the check-out time. As a rule, while traveling in most parts of the world, to get a real feel for a culture you have to experience all aspects of a culture, which includes the nightlife. Check out time is 10am. I don't know if you've ever been hung over, but the thought of waking up and being thrown into the streets by 10am is terrifying. These hostels have an excellent, 'come home whenever you feel like it' policy, which only promotes the oversleeping and therefore overcharging of the traveler. This will actually promote the traveler to pay for another night in order to nap away the hang over and start the whole process over again. It's an infinite loop that the silly foreign drunk must not fall victim to!

And who knows if the traveler will actually make it back to the hostel at all, in which case they must, in an odd sort of 'walk of shame', collect their personal belongings that were left in the room past check out time from the front desk. There you have it, the sand trap of the hostel world. Now go make your millions.

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